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AKC CH - 2012

CKCSC, USA CH - 2013

AKC GCH - 2014

Top 20 winner - Oct 2013

Reserve Best In Show - UK Club Show - March 2015

Top Stud Dog UK - 2016 (first American bred dog to achieve this award)

CKCSC, USA - Top Cavalier - 2016

The Dog of a Lifetime!

Almost 20 years ago Brenda and I attended our first Cavalier Club Show in the UK. We were in awe of the beauty in the ring!

We bred Brookhaven Twilight, JW, “Sky,” to Ch Pascavale Smarty, producing a litter of four. We kept two of the puppies, and one we named Brookhaven In the Garden, “Eden,” and the other we named Brookhaven Believe It Or Not, “Ripley.” Eden was a beautiful girl and admired by many. She gained her CKCSC, USA title in December, 2014. Ripley was not only handsome, he was also very sound and never missed a step, always standing four square. As he grew up, that never changed.

He became an AKC Ch in December 2012, and shortly after gained his club Championship in July 2013 under Judge Katie Sloan. He went on to get his AKC Grand Championship in January 2014.

One of my biggest thrills was when Ripley won the Top 20 in October 2013; breeder/judge Norma Inglis told us how he ticked all the right boxes. We were thrilled! I thought he had done it all until U.K. Judge Lucy Koster judged him in March of 2014 and asked if she could take him back to the UK to show him. I thought she was just being nice, but she continued to ask for him throughout the year. When David and Sandra Moger visited America and attended our National, they offered to take him across the pond for Lucy. Reluctantly, I agreed. Ripley is my pet and house companion so this was a very hard decision for me.

I have been so proud of Ripley since he made the trip to stay with Lucy. He has been shown 4 times?? Not only did he he win many CC’s and RCC’s, a Group 2 and RCC and RBIS at the Cavalier club show, he also achieved Top Stud Dog in 2016, the first American bred dog to ever do so in the U.K.!

Twenty years ago when Brenda and I sat ringside at the Cava¬lier Club Show in England and watched in admiration all the beautiful dogs, I would never have dreamed that one day we would have a dog of our own in that ring. It is truly a dream come true to have bred a dog that can compete with the dogs in their country of origin.

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