Paula Ayers and Brenda Martz are sisters who grew up sharing their home with loving pets. They are both located just outside of Atlanta, GA, in Madison, Georgia, surrounded by their dogs and the beautiful countryside.

In 1994, Brenda was dogless after the loss of her beloved elderly Keeshond. She attended a local fun match and there, also watching in the stands, was a couple with two adorable dogs. After inquiring, Brenda discovered they were Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and she knew she had found the dog for her! Paula became hooked as well when she joined in Brenda's search for a breeder. In 1995, Brookhaven Cavaliers was born with the addition of "Luxxar Joyride," a sweet tri-color female from Paula Campanozzi.

Joy became the foundation of Brookhaven Cavaliers. To date, as breeder-owners, they have finished over 30 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the AKC, and have bred 2 Best in Show winning CKCSC Champions, Joy's son, "Brookhaven Fairmont" and Joy's grandson, "Brookhaven Dream Lover". In November 2004 a third generation was added to the line of Champions with Joy's great-granddaughter

added to the line of Champions with Joy's great-granddaughter "Brookhaven Peggy Sue" finishing her CKCSC, USA Championship. Our 4th CKCSC, USA Championship was achieved when Eng Ch Pascavale Ryan acquired his CKCSC, USA Championship in February 2005. During the last 4 years several more CKCSC, USA Champions have been added, with the latest being CH Brookhaven Enchanted Star, becoming the 3rd youngest Champion in the 54 year history of the CKCSC, USA.

Paula is the Vice President of National CKCSC, USA and serves on the Board of the Cavaliers of the South and the is the Vice President of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greater Atlanta. Brenda is the Secretary of Cavaliers of the South, as well as the president of the Conyers/Rockdale humane society.

Paula and Brenda are both CKCSC, USA Championship judges and have both judged a variety of Championship shows, "B" matches, fun matches and puppy sweepstakes.

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